Ancestral School



The Rainbow family encourages the expression of all forms of spirituality and faith, in tolerance for one another and respect for each others differences. The Rainbow represents the union of humanity’s colours, races and religions in a circle of light and peace.

All the children of Mother Earth form a huge family, that’s why we call ourselves Brothers and Sisters.

What matters is that we understand we belong to one planetary family and wish to live in peace with all beings that surround us.

Independently of religions, nationalities or other labels, conditions or circumstances, any person in any place may consider themselves a member of the Rainbow Family and is welcomed home at anytime.

Each gathering and each community is an opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature and experience what it’s like to live in harmony with brothers and sisters from very different places and to unit together in the process of re-establishing the peace and caring of Mother Earth.

The Rainbow Family of living light gathered for the first time in Colorado in 1972. Today, there are gatherings for Peace and Healing and communities/Eco Villages that continue the same philosophy on the 5 Continents.

Different Prophecies of the Rainbow Warriors



The Hopi Prophecy

“When Mother Earth is sick and the animals vanish, a tribe of all cultures will arrive, that believe in actions and not in words, Will help to restore the ancient beauty of the earth. They will be known as the Rainbow Warriors”.

The Cherokee Prophecy

"The different indigenous tribes were not surprised when white, black and yellow men disembarked on their costs; since ancient times, the prophets were predicting the arrival of other races. They also knew that the new arrivals would find out about the ancient traditions living on the land and used to be called the period “Turtle Island”. 

It was also said later that the spirit of the indigenous would finally find refuge in the unification of the different races of the Earth; however only one part of the represented races will take conscientiousness that we are only one family. Therefore, any racial origin can be Rainbow Warriors and will bring great changes and transformations in the way we live in harmony with creation and all human beings.


The Maya Prophecy

"This different period of time gives birth to the commencement of a new nation of multi-coloured beings. The seeds of the four directions mixed to create the first children of the rainbow. It is written in the time and in the memory of the indigenous towns that ours sun will rise new, that we will be capable of establishing our culture: its art, science, mathematics, and religion. The Maya wisdom will have resurgence. It is for the reason that we, the Amerindian communities, unite once again to re-establish our entire culture.


The Cree Prophecy

“There will arrive a day when the avarice of the white man, the Yo-ne-gi, will make the fish die in the currents of the rivers, that the birds fall from the skies, that the waters will blacken, and the trees will no longer be able to stand. And humanity, as it is known, will be left to exist. There will come a time when we will have a need for those that preserve the traditions, the legends, the rituals, the myths, and all the old customs of the villages. So that, they show us how to recuperate the health, harmony and respect of our fellow man. 

They will be the key to the survival of humanity and will be known as the “Rainbow Warriors”. There will come a day when some people awaken from their lethargy to forge a New World of justice, peace, liberty, and respect for the Great Spirit. 

The Rainbow Warriors will transmit the message, to spread their knowing to the inhabitants of the Earth.

They will teach how to live like the Great Spirit lives, and show how their world has strayed from the Great Spirit and because of this has become so sick. The Rainbow Warriors will teach the people the ancestral being.

The Great Spirit is a being of love and understanding, will show us how to give back to the Earth all her beauty. These Rainbow Warriors will delegate to the people the principles and rules to make life in accord with the world. This principle will be the same as the villages of the past followed. The Rainbow Warriors will teach the people the old habits of unity, love, and understanding. They will teach the four corners of the Earth how to attain harmony between individuals. They will teach the people how to pray to the Great Spirit in the same way that the villages used to in the past, allowing love to flow like the beautiful currents that descend from the mountains through river that merge them with the Ocean of life. Once again they will receive the happiness of being in company as well as in solitude. They will be free of jealousy and meanness and will love their fellow man as brothers, regardless of the colours of their skin, their race, or their religion.

They will feel how happiness inundates their hearts while they return each one to the rest of creation. Their hearts will be pure and will radiate quality, understanding, and respect for humanity, for nature and for the Great Spirit. 

Once again they will fill our minds, our hearts, our souls and our acts with feelings more pure, so as to breathe in the magnificence of the Master of Life, the Great Spirit!

They will discover the strength concealed in the beauty of a prayer and in life’s moments of solitude, and will enjoy the treasures of Nature and Mother Earth, free of the poison and destruction generated by the “Yo-ne-gi” and their avaricious and covetous behaviour.

The rivers will flow cleanly once more, the forests will be abundant and full of beauty, and once again there will be countless of birds and animals.

They will respect anew the powers of the planet and animals, and conservation will convert all things beautiful into living form. 

The poor, sick and needy will receive care from their brothers and sisters of Earth. These practises once again will be part of their daily life. 

The leaders of the tows will return to election, by the old customs, not by the political group to which they belong, nor because they shout the loudest or presume more, neither by a process of exchanging insults or mutual accusations; they will be elected officials whose actions speak louder than their words. They will be elected chiefs or leaders that demonstrate their love, wisdom and courage, and are trained to act for the good of all.

They will be elected for their qualities, not for the quantity of money that they process. Equally, the considerate and devoted chiefs of antiquity will use their love to understand the people and to assure them that their children and youth will be educated in love, in their work, and in their endless understanding.

They will show that miracles will be able to heal this world of all its ills and return it to the hearth and beauty that it had before.

The many tasks that await the Rainbow Warriors will be huge.

Their will be enormous mountains of ignorance that will be necessary to overcome.

They will be confronted by prejudice and hate. They will have to be dedicated, firm, perseverant, and strong in heart, because their will be minds and hearts opposed to following this path of returning Mother Earth all her beauty and plenitude.

This day arrives soon, it is not far off. The day will arrive in which we take account of all that we are, our very existence, we owe to those that have preserved their culture and heritage – the people who have maintained with their life the rituals histories, legends, and myths. 

Their will be thanks for the knowledge that they have preserved, and will return once again in harmony with nature, with Mother Earth, and with humanity itself. 

We will discover that this knowledge is our key to survival.

They will be the Rainbow Warriors, and for this reason I am compelled to protect the culture heritage, and knowledge of my ancestors.

The Rainbow race comes to reinforce equality between nations and oppose the idea of a superior race that would control or conquer other races.
The Rainbow races come to bring Peace with the knowing that all the races in truth make up only one race.

Amerindian Prophecy

When the time of the Buffalo is soon to arrive, the third generation of children of the white eye will be left to grow their hair and will start speaking of the love that brings the healing of all the children of the Earth. These children will search for new ways to understand themselves and others.

They will wear necklaces, feathers and paint their faces. They will search for the Elders of wisdom.

These children of white eyes will serve as the signal that our ancestors are returning in bodies white on the outside but red on the inside.

They will learn to walk on equilibrium on the surface of Mother Earth and will know to bring new ideas to the white chiefs.

These children will have to pass as proof of what occurred when they were Red Ancestors.