Welcome to our portal of wisdom, light and harmony.

The jungle opens its heart, and we invite you to learn of its medicine, strength and love.

We achieve our goal of healing and connectedness with the mother earth through many teachers: plants, animals, diets and permaculture.

The Aroiris represents the union of the colors of humanity in all its races and religions, in a circle of light and peace. All the children of mother earth form a great family, which is why we call ourselves brothers and sisters.

Despite our differences, we are all welcome to live this magical experience. Despite coming from similar paths, we all become teachers and students with something to share.

We are inspired by the Rainbow family of the Living Light, which first met in Colorado in 1972.

Today, similiar teachings of peace and healing occur in communities and ecovillages with similar philosophies, in five continents.




We have 80 hectares of land with a beautiful Amazonian river running through it.

The land is composed of 5 areas:

The primary forest is 70 hectares of preserves Amazon rainforest.

The purma is a part of jungle that has been cut and burned for cultivation and where vegetation has been regrown. We have planted many fruit trees and sapplings, and we continue to reforest on a daily basis. (See project "Reforestation")

The chakra is the land where we grow sugar cane, bananas and bananas, papayas, yucca, corn, peanuts, pineapple, taros and many varieties of local fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, squash, sweet pepper, basil, caihua, cocona and more.

The Dieta Zone: Located in the middle of the forest with private access to the river, you can experiment with solitude and bathe in tranquility. We have eight private cabins where traditional dietas are performed with your choice of master plants.

The houses are made of wood and leaf roofs, which require constant maintenance.

We have a kitchen and a common dining room, 3 dorm floors, a workshop for handicrafts, a house of healing, a temple for workshops and ceremonies, and 4 houses where the resident members of the community remain.

All the houses are located around the great temple, where the sacred fire is always burning. There, we gather to perform the ceremonies, celebrate, sing, dance and pray.


"We are all family, brothers and sisters, children of the earth.
We want to live happily in a self-sustaining community, in peace and harmony with nature.
With love and joy, we want to share our gifts, learn from each other, heal ourselves and participate in the healing of the mother earth. "


Living in Community:

• We are guided by love, respect, tolerance, family spirit, unity, individual freedom, spiritual connection, devotion and service.

• We help in our personal and spiritual growth, trusting one another and encouraging the development of our abilities, gifts and faculties.

•  We are creating a harmonious and open space to coexist, co-create and act together in family, following the common vision.

Be Self Sustainable:

• We are creating an ecosystem where biodiversity prevails, where cycles close and self-generate and where the forest is protected, using permaculture as a guide. 

• We want to cultivate and produce everything we need in an organic way for the community and for sale if we have a surplus. Therefore, our objective is a lot of diversity: regional food (fruits, cereals, legumes, vegetables, etc.), medicinal plants, trees for reforestation and construction/refurbishment of houses, and species used to make crafts and clothes (seeds, fibers, tinctures, etc.). We also use clay which is a very abundant resource in this area, to make soaps and pottery.


Living in Peace and Harmony with Nature:

• We use and value natural resources without taking more than we need.

• We learn from nature to know it and thus know ourselves and our inner depths, and use this to be at peace with nature and ourselves.

• We take care of the mother earth by protecting it from all forms of contamination and abuse, and nourish it with our love and prayers.

• Art, in all its forms (music, dance, painting, crafts, and more), allows us to connect with the earth. With art, we embellish our reality and our environment. We create harmony and unity. Time is art.


Share and Learn:

• We want to share the magic of the rainbow family, relearning to live in harmony, together and with the local population, our children and anyone who wants to be a part.

• Through retreats, courses, workshops and talks, we share, learn and rescue the ancestral and traditional knowledge and knowledge of each one (medicine, shamanism, agriculture, construction, art, music, crafts, cooking, ceramics and more).

• We want to share with and learn from nearby indigenous tribes, and rescue their ancestral knowledge.

To Heal:

• We promote and provide a healthy and vegetarian diet with local, natural and integral products.

• We offer holistic therapies and spiritual retreats, ceremonies, practices and disciplines for body, mind, and spirit.



  • The community operates in a self-managed way and each one is responsible for what happens. We use a system of project managers called "focalizadores" to manage tasks and projects.

  • We share the common spaces (kitchen, common maloca, dorms) and everything that the land offers us.


  • We share the abundance of the earth in 2 daily circles of vegan food, for those who wish to prepare and to serve.

  • We share many tasks that are distributed in a daily circle.

  • There is always something to do: Care for and clean the crops, build and repair things, clean, organize shopping lists, filter water, carry firewood, take care of the fire, cook and anything else you think useful or necessary. "If you see a task, it's yours."

  • Each one is invited to offer workshops

  • Sharing generates abundance

  • The community lives and grows thanks to the collaboration and participation of all.

  • We generate abundance together for the community.

  • The circle is the sacred form in which we communicate to share the visions and ideas of each one, organize ourselves, make decisions by consensus and resolve conflicts.

  • In the circle, we are all the same and part of the family. We use a talking stick that goes hand in hand and respect who has it, listening in silence, so we all have the opportunity to express ourselves and be heard.

  • We listen quietly and with respect allowing freedom of expression

  • We can all call a circle if we think it is necessary, to share our word from the heart. All decisions are made by consensus among the permanent members.



We take care of nature by using only natural and biodegradable products.

We use the least amount of non-biodegradable material. When we leave, we carry the inorganic waste (paper, plastics, glass, batteries, etc.) that we have brought and can not be recycled or reused.

There is compost for the organic waste that will later serve as fertilizer, and a recycling station.

We use dry toilets with sawdust instead of water so the decomposition process transforms it into fertilizer (it does not pollute the river), which we then use to plant fruit trees.



Central to the community is an Amazonian river and spring.

There are designated areas for washing clothes and personal grooming outside the river, as well as for kitchen utensils.

We filter the water from the river to drink.


The air is our word: we speak with love and respect.

We keep our thoughts clean.

"May our word be impeccable"

We respect the air of others.

There are special areas to smoke natural tobaccos and medicinal herbs in a sacred and respectful way.



We cook our food with firewood.

The central fire and the cooking fire are sacred and we feed them only with dry firewood.

Clean ashes serves as soap in bathrooms, to wash pots and clothes, and as an antiseptic.