Getting Here


We recommend two hostels in Iquitos if you are considering staying in the city.

Low Budget Dorms:


955 Pablo Rossel

Private Room:

Sarisa House

Calle Iquitos No. 573


The community is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, between Iquitos and Nauta, at KM 48.5 of the road from Iquitos. It is near a small town called "El Triunfo".

To go from Lima to Iquitos, there are several options:

  • Take a plane, Lima / Iquitos. There are several companies, several prices: Star Peru, Peruvian airlines, Latam.

  • Take a bus to Pucallpa (20 hours or so) and then a boat to Iquitos (5 days or so).

  • Take a bus to Yurimaguas, in the north (26 hours) and then a boat, you can get off at Nauta (2.5 days or so) or Iquitos (3 days or so).

If you come from Nauta, which is a quiet village, you can take a bus to Iquitos and get off at KM 48.5, El Triunfo, on the left hand side.


From Iquitos

Take a bus to Nauta and get off at KM 48.5, "El Triunfo", on the right hand side. The cheapest bus costs 4 soles.


Walking to Aroiris from El Truinfo

Walk about 45 minutes down the main path from El Triunfo.

Cross several long bridges, and after the 3rd long bridge, you will go up and down a hill, and the entrance will be on the left, indicated with signs.

If you get to the bridge that crosses the big gorge, you've gone too far and missed the entrance to the community.

Once you enter the community land, continue walking for about 20 minutes, following the signs.



  • Open heart, magic, light, and energy. Good vibes and lots of joy!

  • To eat: your plate, cup and cutlery

  • Organic foods if possible: mainly fruits and vegetables, but also grains, vegetables, cereals, sea salt, spices, aromatic herbs, chancaca, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

  • Your financial contribution to the community, 20 soles per day per person, and what you can for the magic hat so you can help us grow!

  • Tools of all kinds are always useful, especially axes, machetes and others, which you can find in the city of Iquitos.

  • Musical and healing instruments, juggling, paint, fabrics and anything you might need for workshops and celebrations.

  • Candles and lantern

  • Toilet paper

  • Natural soaps

  • First aid kit: medicinal plants, essential oils, bandages, and everything you feel necessary

  • Rain gear, boots, pants and long sleeve shirts for mosquitoes

  • For love, do not bring alcohol, drugs, processed food, cans, refined salt, white sugar, white flour, white rice, refined vegetable oils, industrial cigarettes, and if you can, please leave your pets at home