You are invited to share living together living this dream. Raise the prayer, co-creating the earthly paradise.

Sharing generates abundance.

The community lives and grows thanks to the collaboration and participation of all.

We need your support, both energetic and material!

We generate abundance together for the community.


For the growth of the community, for the different projects and to always improve the place, we have a magic hat where the loving donations are very welcome, according to the possibilities of each one.

"Because the more I give, the more I have to give"

Thank you for helping us to maintain and grow the place for the benefit of all!



Short-Term Volunteering: Less than a month

Volunteers help with community tasks, with a minimum of 4 hours per day, and contribute 20 soles a day, which are used to enjoy a healthy, rich and abundant food, and to cover the basic expenses of maintenance of the site (labor, materials, tools, etc.).

After staying more than 2 weeks in the community, and with the approval of the resident circle, volunteers who want to stay longer collaborate with 10 soles daily.

We are also open to barter and other exchange as long as we come to clear agreements, and that everyone complies with these agreements.


Long-Term Volunteer: More than one month

Volunteers who have stayed for a month in the community and want to stay longer continue to help in community work, 4 hours a day, and bring their love donations to the magic hat.



The visitors collaborate with a daily contribution of 30 soles in exchange for the lodging and the food and help in the basic tasks like the cleaning of their spaces, the kitchen and the common house.



Semi-resident members remain in the community for long periods (more than 3 months), participate and give their ideas in the circles but do not make decisions.

After 3 months in the community and with the approval of the resident circle, the new members are considered as semi-residents.

They can build and live in an individual house during their stay in the community after the approval of the circle and in designated places.

When leaving the community, the house is free for other semi-resident members.



Resident members remain in the community, make decisions, and have their individual homes.

After 1 year of community stay and with the approval of the resident circle, semi residents are considered residents.

They can build their house after approval of the permanent circle and in designated places.
The homes of the permanent are personal and can not be sold.

If the resident members decide to leave, the houses remain as a donation to the community.
When traveling, the house is free for semi-resident members.

A financial or material contribution is welcome for people who want to be resident members. These contributions will be evaluated by the resident circle, case by case.



All are invited (after approval of the resident circle) by resident or semi-resident members who are responsible for their stay.

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