We have a reforestation program to plant native medicinal plants and trees, in the purma and in the open areas.

For each tree we use for timber, we want to plant 10 trees.

Each person who wishes can sponsor one or several trees and help us to reforest our beautiful and magical Amazon jungle.


We developed a conservation project, with the support of the local authorities and the Peruvian government, for the creation of a private conservation area that is officially recognized.

The creation of this area gives us a legal framework and logistical support from the government to execute our project, preserve and care for the jungle.

This project would be supported by local associations: La Canoa sin Fronteras & La Restinga, and the international associations: Constellation & Proynos.


We believe in the ability of women to be women: to be mothers, sisters, lovers and to love their inner nature; their femininity.

The Return of Female Energy

The awakening of female energy is key to planetary healing.

A new philosophy, based on respect, trust, freedom and love. Men and women united by a purpose: to anchor high vibration energy in the earth.

The woman is the mother of all humanity. If she is asleep, so are her children. It is an omento to take charge and begin to clean and heal, with patience, strength and sweetness, for us, our ancestors and our children.

When we awaken our goddess we bring fertility, abundance, happiness and renewal to the planet.


The Mission

Connect with the lunar cycles, enjoy the mentrual cycle as a sacred time, channel positively our creative energy, know our temple and love us deeply.

A secluded space created exclusively for women. The moon and its relationship with the feminine invites us to retire to let us immerse ourselves in the depths of our being. Connect with the womb: the uterus, the earth, the ancestor plants, the fire and all the divine that the universe wants to deliver us during this special time. During menstruation a portal opens, generating a space of instrospection that allows us to eliminate all that we no longer want in our lives, reborn in love and brightness. Gathering among women, generating circles and sharing experiences enriches our spirit. In the light of the sacred fire, singing and magic accompanies our encounters: healing, liberating blessing allowing us to unite our spiral Aroiris hearts.

Remember how beautiful it is to be a woman. Born to give light, to create, to love and to expand.


Together, in communion with the masculine, we generate harmony, plentitude and abundance. The perfect complement!

We invite all women to join in this prayer, stating that the moon temple is always available, for all the sisters who wish to work in this purpose.

If the moon affects the tides of oceans, rivers and lakes... How does it influence us knowing we are 80% water?