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We are invited to live this dream together, to raise our

prayers and co-create the earthly paradise.


*All memberships include:
- Shared dorms + 2 meals a day
- Participation in
communal activities, workshops, medicine preparation and mambeaderos
* Contributions from visitors, inmersions and students help fund apprentices and terachers 

*The economic contributions are used to enjoy a healthy, rich and abundant food, and to cover the basic expenses of maintenance of the place (laundry, sheets, mosquito nets, mattresses, materials, tools...).
* Medicine ceremonies are not included 

Memberships for printing_Mesa de trabajo 1_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Visitors, less than 2 weeks.

Visitors remain in the community for short periods, less than 2 weeks, to have an experience of life in our ecommunity.

It is proposed to people to perform an average of 2 hours per day of community service, together with the focalizers of the daily activities.

Visitors can join the student program if they wish.

They contribute with 45 soles per day.


Students, minimum 2 weeks.

Students remain for at least 2 weeks in the community,

to have a deeper experience of life in our community.

They perform an average of 4 hours per day of community service,

together with the focalizers of the daily  activities.

They contribute with 35 soles per day.

If the students want to remain longer in the community,

after the first 2 weeks, they will contribute with 25 soles per day.

Apprentices, minimum 1 month.

After one month as students, you can apply as Apprentices and commit to remain for at least 1 more month in the community. You will perform an average of 4 hours per day of community service, together with the focalizers of the daily  activities, and 3 times per week you will help in extra communal activities in the afternoon, and you can also offer workshops.

You will contribute with 10 soles per day, (300 soles per month)


If you do not have the economic capacity to comply with these arrangements, we are always open to listen to proposals of exchange that you consider possible.

These proposals will be evaluated, case by case, until clear agreements are reached.



Teachers and people who have experience in the following areas:





(Bakers and Master





Plastic arts (also ceramists)

Natural Medicine 
   Language teachers:

English and Spanish

University students who want to come and do their end-of-study project.

For people that desire to have more privacy, we also offer accomodation in rooms, shared cabins or private cabins according to their disponibilities.


Private Room

 S/. 20 per day

Matrimonial room

 S/. 30 per day

Shared cabins

 S/. 50 per day

Private cabins

 S/. 100 per day






Residents stay in the community for long periods (more than 6 months), participate and give their ideas in the circles.

After 6 months in the community and with the approval of the heart circle, new members are considered resident.


Resident members can actively participate in the different retreats and events held in the community, and receive financial compensation based on their participation.

They live in shared houses with the others residents.

They can build and live in an individual house during their stay in the community after the approval of the circle and in pre-designated locations.

When they leave the community, the house is vacated for other residents or persons deemed appropriate by the core circle.


After 1 year of stay in the community and with the approval of the core circle, resident are considered habitants.

They actively participate in projects, decision making, and communal activities.

If they wish, they can build their house in pre-designated locations, after the approval of the core circle.

The homes of the permanent are personal and can not be sold.

If the resident members decide to leave, the houses remain as a donation to the community.

When traveling, the house will be kept by residents.

A financial or material contribution is asked for people who want to be habitants.

These contributions will be evaluated by the Core circle, case by case.

Heart Circle


The core circle is formed by the habitants that have built their house in the community.




Habitants or residents can invite Guests and are responsible for their stay if they stay in their houses.

Depending the cases, the Core circle will evaluate which economic contributions are needed.

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