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School of dawn

It is a synthesis of ancestral knowledge compiled over

more than 20 years in different indigenous communities in the

jungle and high mountains of Peru and Colombia.

This knowledge is essential for the survival of human beings,

and it is for this reason that we see the importance of teaching it,

sharing it and spreading it.


- Develop educational and pedagogical programmes to teach the ancestral method of cultivating the human seed in order to sow a new conscious and healthy humanity.

- Recover, share and disseminate knowledge relating to childbirth, conception,and  pregnancy.

 - Develop a healthy and conscious community education, based on diferent alternative educational systems, where we are all responsible for nurturing these new seeds.

- Organise events. gatherings, retreats, courses, workshops and develop programmes, where we share the differents knowledges and wisdom necessary for the good living and well-being of all beings: natural medicine, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, bio-construction, clean and renewable energies, art, music, crafts, healthy nutrition... 

- Weave family relationships with other nations, communities, projects and entities that have the same mission to rebuild a society.



- Support, help and encourage the creation of others "Houses of dawn", ancestral sacred Houses, Malokas, and other intentional communities to create a conscious planetary collective weaving and materialise a new proposal where we all fit, complementing ancestral knowledge with modern knowledge.


- To teach the proper and orderly use and sharing of the different ancestral medicines with the accompaniment of the indigenous elders, guardians of these medicines and their knowledge (tobacco, mambe, ambil, hape, mushrooms, hikuri, huachuma, toe, yemuru, yopo, ayahuasca, kambo, bufo alvarius).

- Weave and maintain good relations with the native peoples of the territory, neighbours and local authorities through activities and events.


- Learning to put oneself at the service of the collective


- Teach, practice, promote and spread the arts in all their forms of expression, ancestral arts and contemporary arts, to create harmony, beauty and awareness.


  • The law of origin that was left to the native peoples to be able to live well, in peace and harmony with all beings.

  • The principles of ancestral thought and the bases of community life, to live in a healthy and conscious way.

  • The method of cultivating the human seed in order to give birth  to the new humanity we all long for.

  • How to clean our personal history and our relationships.

  • The path of the Couple, as a school, examination and graduation of the human being, primordial base of the support of a walk in community.

  • The different roles necessary to sustain a path in community.

  • How to prepare and properly use the different ancestral medicines that accompany a walk in community.

  • The Stories, Chants and Healing Dances that accompany the different medicines.

  • How to sow and cultivate our food to achieve food sovereignty, thanks to permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

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