The Amazon rainforest is the perfect environment to undergo a healing process with medicinal plants as the ancestral knowledge of their use is still alive.


The purpose of the healing project is:

• Preserve and transmit knowledge and ancestral practices of Amazonian peoples: uses and applications of medicinal plants, ceremonies and associated rituals.

• Allow and facilitate access to traditional medicine and its applications: treatments with medicinal plants, ceremonies, retreats in the forest, master plant diets, massages, flower baths, and temascal (sweat lodge).

















We Recommend:

• Initiations with sacred plants and ayahuasca ceremonies with a minimum stay of 1 week, to prepare and clean the body, and thus to receive the medicine in the best condition.

• Retreats and traditional diets with master plants of the jungle in complete isolation, with a duration between 10 and 30 days.

• Kambo ceremonies, especially before ayahuasca ceremonies

• Flowering baths to cleanse and purify the different energy bodies

• Massages and massage workshops, shiatsu, kiropraxia, yoga tai masage, chikung

• Practices and disciplines for body, mind and spirit every morning (yoga, meditation, Vipassana, dancing, etc.) as teachers are available

The giant monkey frog, phylomedusa bicolor, has different names depending on the tribe that uses it. Its most common name is kambo.

This frog produces a secretion that some tribes use to cleanse what they call "the panema", which is like a gray cloud that people have around their energy field and that attracts problems, illnesses, depression and bad luck.

The Matses of the Peruvian Amazon believe that when a person is sick, depressed or sterile, or if they cannot mate or hunt a large animal, they are possessed by a bad energy, which can be healed with kambo.

A legend of the Kaxinawa tribe tells that the entire tribe was once very sick, and a healer named Kampu could not relieve them from their ailments with the remedies he knew. All medicinal plants were used but he could not heal his tribe. Then Kamam, under the influence of ayahuasca, entered the forest and received a vision of the great spirit putting a frog in his hands and teaching him how to obtain and apply its "milk". When Kampu returned to his village, he followed the instructions he from his vision and was able to alleviate his tribe's sickness thanks to the green frog. When Kamam left this world for the spirit world, he went to live with the frog, and the Indians of his tribe continued to use it to stay strong and healthy.

It was in the 1980s that the earliest Westerners began to receive this medicine, and the scientific studies that were done showed that the secretion of kambo contains different bioactive peptides that can be used to treat various diseases.




The dieta is a traditional means of accessing the knowledge of "master plants", used by Amazonian healers for millennia.

According to tradition, it is these plants that have the knowledge, and they attend to the healer for healing the sick. The diet allows you to get in touch with the essences or spirits of these plants by means of dreams and visions, and thus to be able to learn from them.

When one follows the diet, the spirit of this plant becomes an ally of the person who diets it, and it assists them in their spiritual path.

The diet consists of a total isolation in the forest, in a special huts (tambos), to avoid all contact with the outside and thus facilitate the work of introspection.

The retreat is accompanied by a strict diet (no salt, no sweet or fruit, no fat or oil, no spice, nothing acidic), to allow greater sensitivity and greater openness.

Vegetable remedies prepared with the master plants are administered to heal and purify the body, to improve and amplify the clarity of dreams.

The diet is also accompanied with purges that can be with plants or with kambo, for a better physical and emotional cleanliness, and with flower baths to clean the energy body.

This work of retreat allows a better understanding of ourselves, of others, of nature, of the universe, and of life.

The time of the diet depends on the will the participant, with a minimum of 10 days, in order to feel the beneficial effects.

We open and close the diet with a ayahuasca ceremony, and, according to the will of each one, we can participate in other ceremonies every three days.

If you need to, you can ask the Dieta Managers of the community for more information.



Ayahuasca is a psychoactive brew that is prepared with the vine of the ayahuasca lianas (Banisteriopsis Caapi), and the leaves of the shrub called chacruna (Psycotria viridis) or the vine called huambisa, hollow yaje, chalipanga (Dylopteris cabrerana).

In Quechua, the word "aya" means soul, and the word "huasca" means rope. From an etymological point of view, the word "ayahuasca" means the rope of the soul. The ayahuasca and chacruna are used in the majority of the indigenous communities of the Amazon, like the main "plants" of the forest.

The brew prepared with these two plants was used by the healers of that region for millennia, and is part of the traditional pharmacopoeia and culture of these peoples.

In the traditional context, these plants are used ritually for the purpose of expanding the capacities of our limited perception and understanding, to solve individual and collective problems, to be happy, to heal, to communicate with spirits or entities from other dimensions, to travel outside the body and to receive knowledge.



The pieces of the vine are crushed with a piece of wood and mixed with the leaves of chacruna or huambisa. We use huambisa (dylopteris cabrerana), which contains 5 to 10 times more DMT than Chacruna, and the very powerful 5MeO-DMT.

Then boil for several hours, until the proper concentration is reached.

The result is a brown colored brew that may be more liquid or thicker depending on its concentration.

The total process requires more or less 12 hours of work to reduce 50 liters to only 2 liters.


The Effects

The use of sacred plants allows us to modify our ordinary state of consciousness, so we can explore different aspects of our personal and collective unconscious, and discover different unknown capacities of our mind.

The ritual use of ayahuasca produces a deep action on the body, the emotions, the mind, and the spirit. The word "purga" is also often used to call ayahuasca, because of its purgative effects. Medicine travels through the body looking for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems and blockages. It acts with a cleaning, purification and purification effect that can manifest itself at the organic level with vomiting and diarrhea.

It also allows the person to free themselves from their emotional blocks, to face and overcome their fears, to regenerate themselves at the energetic level, and to become aware of the deeper aspects of their personality.

The Ceremonies

The ayahuasca takes place in a ritual context, under the direction of the people who guide the ceremony and the participants' experience with their songs or "icaros", singing and cleaning each participant during the ceremony.

The ceremonies always happen at night, in total darkness, in our beautiful temple.

For more information on diets and ceremonies, please write to us at: