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our path


To sow and to take care of the new humanity seed and generate a real change in our society based on community,

union, love, peace and harmony.

"We are all family, brothers and sisters, children of the earth.

We live happily in a self-sufficient community,

in peace and harmony with nature.

With love and joy, we share our gifts, learn from each other,

heal each other and participate in the healing of Mother Earth. "







To be a community space (centre) of learning and formation of the being, accompanied and guided by the wisdom of the native peoples and their ancestral medicines, where we learn to walk in community in a healthy and conscious way.


To teach the ancestral method of cultivating the human seed, the care of our seed and our own territory (our body) and how to clean our seed through an ordered, conscious and sacred sexuality in order to be able to sow the new humanity.

To prepare and form the being, physically, emotionally and spiritually, on a personal level, in couple, families and communities in order to be able to sow the seed of the new humanity.

To learn to create and sustain physical community spaces (communities, ecovillages, training centres, institutes, eco-schools and eco-versities).

To be a model of a self-sustainable community in order to replicate and expand this model in other parts of the planet.


To be a space (centre) of encounter between ancestral knowledge and modern knowledge, where elders and teachers from different nations, traditions and disciplines come to share, teach and learn, where everyone can contribute their knowledge, gifts, skills and put them at the service of the collective through the sharing of daily life.

   To be self-sufficient in all aspects.

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