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The Vision to create a community in the jungle of Peru was born during the Vision Council "The Call of the Condor" in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in 2003 where more than 700 hundreds people from more than 36 different nationalities and many elders from different indigenous nations from all 5 continents attended.  This vision, inspired by the Prophecies of the Rainbow Warriors, a Prophecy kept by many of the peoples of America, grew and matured over the years, and was nourished by different gatherings and caravan journeys through South America, Europe and Africa.

In July 2009 in the Peruvian jungle near Iquitos, in some lands that were liberated for this purpose, a gathering was convened to begin to sow the seed of a permanent place for the family, "the Rainbow call, hands and feet on the ground" where hundreds of brothers and sisters from the 4 directions attended. 

After several years of trying to apply and replicate the functioning of the Rainbow Family gatherings for a proposal to live in community, we came to the conclusion that certain changes were necessary to make the community living more harmonious.

It was then that we decided to change the name of the community to "Aroiris" to mark this change.  In these years of sharing and living together with people from all over the world, we realised the difficulty of living together and the great need to find guides, tools and methods to help us in this proposal.  We also understood that those who know how to live in community are the native peoples, and that it was very necessary to learn from them the basics of good living, of walking and sustaining a community proposal.


In this beautiful process of learning to walk in community, building bridges between the knowledge of the modern world, the ancestral wisdom of the native peoples and their medicines, we have had the opportunity to approach and sit with different native elders who began to share teachings, tools and practices to help us in this process.  Today we have the great blessing of being accompanied by elders from different nations of Peru and Colombia, from the jungle and the mountains: Matses, Shipibos, Cocamas, Boras, Muruys, Yukunas, Muiskas, Tubús, Koguis, Wiwas and Arahuacos.


In this proposal to walk in community, following the law of origin, the natural order, and the teachings received from the elders, was born the need and the will to build a new Casa Grande, or House of thought, Maloca, which we have named "Mother House of the Dawn", and which was baptised by the Mamo Arhuaco Romualdo "Zar Neiwin", the gathering house of abundance, being the materialisation of the evolution of our community, to continue receiving, learning, and applying this ancestral knowledge that was kept by the different nations to be delivered to us, the people of the dawn, the great nation of the Rainbow.


In this Great House, we welcome elders and people who are open and willing to share their knowledge with us, and those of us who want to learn from them.

Sitting around our sacred fire that we are keeping since 2017, we have the opportunity to learn and share their stories full of wisdom, their songs and dances full of magic, their sacred plants and animals full of medicine, their handicrafts full of beauty, their drinks and food full of health, their different ways of living in community, and their different ways of seeing and understanding life.

Seeing that we are valuing ancestral knowledge, the youth and adults of these tribes begin to value their own culture more, to investigate with their elders so that this treasure of wisdom that is about to be lost, can be rescued and saved for future generations.

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